Bayou Rifles, Inc.

Addicks Range Information

Addicks contains the following facilities:  

Small-Bore Rifle Range

  • Range primarily used for Small-bore rifle Silhouette style shooting.
  • Also used for Air Gun shooting.
  • Covered firing line for prone and standing firing positions.

Bullseye Pistol Range

  •  A covered pavilion and portable restrooms are available.
  • 25 and 50 Yard rotating target frames.
  • Covered metal shooting benches for stand up pistol shooting

Shortwork Range

  • 7 & 15 yard target frames.
  • Covered Metal benches designed primarily for stand up pistol.

Pistol Silhouette Range

  • Stands for metal Silhouette targets from 40 to 100 Meters.
  • Covered wooden shooting benches designed primarily for stand up pistol shooting.

The Addicks range is currently open only with a Range Safety Officer on duty.

This is current schedule is Friday afternoons, Saturday and Sunday.

Specific times of operation will be posted when approved.  

At both ranges, members are responsible for their own targets to be mounted on approved 

target frames only.  Please remove your targets and other trash when you leave.

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