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How to become a member

Most of the year the application to become a member (join our waiting) list is closed.  The waiting list to become a member usual opens for a short time after yearly membership renewal is closed.  Club renewal is from Jan 1st till the last day of February. Notice will be sent to the membership and posted on our website before when new membership applications will be taken.  You must complete the application process during this time.  Most years this occurs early in March.

Please note we do not add to the list unless we are accepting application. Sending email saying add me to the waiting list DOES NOT ADD YOU TO OUR WAITING LIST.

If you do not see a way to apply for members below this article the Membership is full, and the waiting list is closed.

Membership is filled from the waiting list in the order they signed up on the web site, first come first served. Please bookmark this site and watch for the waiting list to re-open.

Thank you for your continued interest in Bayou Rifles.In order to become a new member, PLEASE BOOKMARK THIS WEBSITE AND CHECK BACK. 

The following FAQ addresses many of the common questions. Please NOTE: if your question is answered here, you will not receive a reply to an information request.

  • Q: If I am on the existing waiting list when will I become a member? 
  • A: Unknown.
  • Q: I am on the existing waiting list, so how will I know when my orientation is scheduled? 
  • A: You will receive an email with the date, time and place.
  • Q: What happens if I cannot make the scheduled orientation? 
  • A: You will be given at least one additional orientation date/time.
  • Q. How can I get on the waiting list? 
  • A: You must wait until the waiting list reopens, so continue to monitor this site.
  • Q: When will the waiting list reopen? 
  • A. Usually in the very first part of March since renewals end, February 28.
  • Q: Can I recommend a friend for membership and bypass the waiting list, or go to the top of the wait list? 
  • A. NO, new members are added in the order they are placed on the waiting list.
  • Q: Can I call or email to determine when I or a friend will be able to become a member? 
  • A. No, there is no set schedule or time for adding new members, as it depends on when there are openings.
  • Q: What are the cost for membership?
  • A: As of 1/1/2018 yearly dues are $165 and new members pay a $100 initiation fee.

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